Moving Forward

Today I am going to talk about moving forward. Moving forward from the past hurts and things that have hit me upside the head. I guess, to say, I like to stay in a rut always running the little wheel in the hamster cage, but I had to make up my mind that I could not do that. I needed to let go of the past and move on. So I am going to give a few examples of my moving forward.

First one is that I am moving forward from my dad passing in 2009. This has been hard on me and with this month coming I dread it, but I have to carry on. Granted I would love to run and hide in bed all day after this month is over with. But I know that I cannot do that. I need to face it head on and with gusto.

The next one that I am moving on is with this cussing. I still find myself doing it so it is something I continue to move forward with. I continue to grow stronger with each day of not saying those words. I feel like God is working this out for me.

Finally the last one that I am moving forward on is reminding myself I am a good wife, and mom. I had some upset with the parenting issue so I needed to work on my boundaries with Daniel. He is growing up and does not have many boundaries set here in the house so I am going to begin setting them.

What about you? I know my moving forward may seem small to some, but they are huge right now to me. Please share in the comment section of what kinds of moving forward issues you are struggling with and I will be praying for you.

Blessings and For an audience of one.

This is who I am moving forward with. Enjoy the song.


5 thoughts on “Moving Forward

  1. Amen, Jeanie!! I, too, am choosing to move forward, to NOT look back at the mistakes I’ve made. I choose life with Christ as my Captain, steering me towards whatever He wants for my life…His will, NOT my own!!

    Have a blessed day, my friend!!!
    In His love,

  2. Hello Jeanie! Thanks for sharing your list of moving forward items with us. They don’t seem small to be at all. They are fantastic because they address your real every day life – so important if someone wants to truly move forward. It’s those everyday things that keep us from our confident hearts and a life that’s lived for Him. Praying for your moving forward journey.

  3. You are moving forward in big ways, Jeanie! It is great to watch. Thanks for sharing! I am trying to move forward by not doubting myself as a wife and mother.

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