Cats Alive and Begging

Who does not love an animal especially a cat? In our marriage, we have had a total of four cats and they can do all the craziest things to make a person stop and think. What brings to my mind is how a cat can beg so sympathetically and eat the crumbs off the floor just like a dog. In a way, our cats are like dogs. They have quirks that make them act like a dog. Take for instance, when we have sat down to a meal. We see that the cats have came to call looking for that proverbial morsel on the floor. They lick them up and are waiting enthusiastically for more. It is kind of like Oliver Twist by Dickens where he says to the cook,”Please sir,I want some more.” That is what seems is happening with our fine feline friends. They keep saying I want some more.

Now with this in mind,watch how this parallel’s with the Bible passage of the Canaanite woman who comes to Jesus and pleads with him to heal her daughter of being demon possessed. This comes from Matthew 15:21-27. This woman is so persistent and she knows that Jesus can heal the daughter. In verse 25, she cried,”Lord help me!” However, look at what Jesus said to her in the next verse following. He tells her,”It is not right to take the children’s bread and throw it to the dogs.” The woman, who still keeps coming back for more, says,” Yes Lord, yet even the dogs eat the crumbs that fall from the master’s table. Granted, Jesus, at the time, only came for Israel and no one else. This woman is bringing you and me into the picture because she was a Canaanite. Someone who was out of the line of Israel. Her begging and pleading truly worked. Jesus, in the end, healed the daughter and the woman went away satisfied. She kept begging until Jesus gave her an answer.

When my husband brought this up to me, I never really thought of it until he explained it to me. Then a light bulb went on in my mind. It is true when we keep coming to the throne of God and are persistent at how Jesus will answer the prayer we have. We have to be the ones begging for the crumbs that fall from the Father’s table. Keep asking, keep seeking and keep knocking. In the end, we will get the same answer that this lovely woman got. Her precious daughter back in her arms.


One thought on “Cats Alive and Begging

  1. Great insight, Jeanie! I also want to trust like this lady did that God could do what she asked.

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