Blessed #4

Today I am thankful and grateful for the animals in our lives. We have two cats and they have been very close to us. One is named Tilq, an orange/red cat who got his name from Star Gate SG-1 on television. He has feline asthma and we have to give him medicine daily. Believe me, it has been rough. About a month a go, we had to take both cats to the vet for their teeth cleaning and Tilq had to get two teeth pulled. I felt so sorry for him. Would have loved to have been there and took it for him. I knew that he was a strong cat who needed this done to make him feel better. Tilq is Warren and Daniel’s cat. He sleeps with Daniel every night and Warren in the afternoon. He has become a close companion to both the men in my family. I do not know where we would have been without them.
Now, I said we have two cats. The other is named Lupas. When I was growing up, we had twenty seven cats total and one of them was a squirrel colored cat named what else–Lupas. When ever I was blue, I brought him in a big coat into the house. Big enough for at least two cats. I walked him into the bedroom and held him and played with him. This Lupas today, acts just the same. He is my companion. He loves to sit with me under a blanket when it is in the winter time. Also he is one that loves to carry toys around and for some reason has an interest in shoes. He also has to take medicine. But he has learned that it is for his best as well.

I guess the reason that these two felines have become companions is the unconditional love they give to us as a family. They have been brought in as family. I appreciate them and love them so much. I also wondered since Warren had this job loss would we have to get rid of them? That was something I continue to deal with since the money has been tight. I have heard countless numbers of people getting rid of their beloved pets because of a loss of a job, foreclosure or something more drastic. Thankfully and praise the Lord that we have not gotten rid of them. We have tried to keep them fed and taken care of.

As I am writing this, Lupas is right here on my desk just being close to me. I have discovered he wants this closeness to me and will do anything to get it. Even mess with my mouse and open up pages that I did not need open.

God, in his goodness, has made the animals. I am so very blessed he made these two. We all need to be thankful and grateful for the pets we have in our lives today.

Blessings and Keep Smiling. For an audience of one.


4 thoughts on “Blessed #4

  1. Thank you for sharing your blessings with us. I can just see both of them. Our animals are like family and they do love us unconditionally just like our Father. We have a dog and I love watching him greet my husband coming home in the afternoon. Blogged about his unconditional love a couple of time. Hugs. Debbie W. (OBS Group Leader)

  2. Thank you for sharing! We have had pets in the past (none recently), but the ones we had were definitely members of our families and we loved them. Praying that you will be able to hold on to yours. They are wonderful!

  3. When you were referring to your cat being on the desk and doing things to get your attention, it brought back memories of my husband and I’s first two pets, which were cats we loved dearly and who were like kids to us. Thanks for sharing about your beloved kitties 🙂

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