October 1, 2017

October 1, 2017 will be etched in this land as the worst massacre ever

happening on our nations soil. In Las Vegas, Nevada a gunman went on a shooting

spree killing fifty nine people plus himself. He had guns in his motel room. We

, as a country, do not understand why this happened. We wrestle with where do

we go from here? Do we make tougher gun laws? Do we ban automatic rifles?

Granted, I cannot answer these questions, but I can give a sense of hope in the

despair we felt.

As I look back over the last weeks events, I am saddened, confused, and I

wonder what goes on in the minds of people. I ask myself “Why did this happen?”

“Did he act alone?” In time, these answers will come to the surface at why he

did this. And probably more answers to our questions will be answered as time

goes on.

The words by President Trump were what we, as a nation, needed to hear. It was

pure evil that at what this madman did. We, as a nation, are so divided in what

we believe. And yet with this transpiring, it brought this country back together. Working together as one in a common bond.

We have triumphant stories of heroes coming out on how they saved lives. To

these and so many more thank you for keeping people safe and sound. We

appreciate you and all your hard work. You will also be etched in the hearts

and minds as heroes.

We, as a country, are in mourning. We cry for the fallen who laid their lives

down and to the responders who were on the ground helping people out of harms

way. They were doing their duty. Thank you to one and all who risked their

lives to help rescue someone.

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TOPSHOT – Destiny Alvers who attended the Route 91 country music festival and helped rescue her friend who was shot, reacts at a makeshift memorial on the Las Vegas Strip in Las Vegas, Nevada on October 3, 2017, after a gunman killed 59 people and wounded more than 500 others when he opened fire from a hotel window on a country music festival.
Police said the gunman, a 64-year-old local resident named as Stephen Paddock, had been killed after a SWAT team responded to reports of multiple gunfire from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay, a hotel-casino next to the concert venue. / AFP PHOTO / Mark RALSTONMARK RALSTON/AFP/Getty Images


Songs To Think About:

I have heard so much about what is going on in this country and very sad to see it. Yet, no words really come to mind. All I can do is play some songs that have really hit home for me. Most of these you will be familiar with. Please leave a comment or better yet please post a song that really inspires you. Thank you for taking the time to listen to this blog.

1. Ann Murray’s A Little Good News

2. Peter, Paul and Mary’s Blowing in the Wind

3. Peter, Paul and Mary’s Where Have all the Flowers Gone?

4. Peter, Paul and Mary’s This Land is Your Land

5. John Lennon’s I Can Only Imagine

Whatever your stance on this, can’t we just live in peace?

Blessings and Keep Smiling.

My Life Now

It has been a while since I had touched base with you, my followers. I have had days when I think I need to post something and it never transpires. Things creep in and the time escapes me.

2016 brought head ache, heart ache and turmoil to my life. Warren and I had talked divorce. It was coming out daily. I found us talking of it which was something I was not going to bring up, but the aches of the marriage just got to me and we were in complete agreement on this. Finally, on April 5, 2017, I filed for divorce. Warren and I fell out of love with one another. We were not a couple or a family any more. We went out separate ways even though we lived together for so long.

Daniel, our seventeen year old decided to stay in St. Louis. He is in his last year of school. He has a job at Arby’s. Plus he has his friends up there. I did not want him resenting me for taking him away from his home, friends, school and job. I keep in contact with him on texting and calling. He is doing okay. We miss one another.

I moved to Bolivar at the end of May. I am currently working at McDonald’s serving smiles to people who need a lift. I am also cleaning homes for people. Living with my mom. She has been supportive of me and this decision I have made. I am moving on with Celebrate Recovery and Divorce Care. These are two avenues I am getting the necessary healing.

Just an update. Had the first settlement conference this week. It went well. But will have another one in October. I am feeling like my life is moving in the right direction. It has been 21 years since I have felt more like myself. I will try and keep you appraised of the situation. Have a great night. Hugs to all.

Pet Appreciation Week: Animals We Love


We all love our pets don’t we? Whether dog, cat, hamster or a bird. These animals have become family to us. We treat them just like one of the family. They are our personal comfort pals. They know when we are happy, sad, or not feeling well. We get more response from our pets than the humans we live with.

God gave us these priceless companions to show us the compassion of an animal. We are grateful they are in our lives for sure. Animals spend their time making us happy. And we make them happy with petting them and welcoming them into our home. Always a good idea to to adopt from a shelter rather than from a pet shop.

June 8,2016 is Pet Appreciation Week. Let’s all “Raise a Paw” and share how animals have made a difference in the lives of those coping with illness.

How about you? Please share a photo of your pet.

Blessings and Keep Smiling.

Selah: Among the Hills

This last weekend had the privilege of going to Selah: Among the Hills, a retreat center in Arcadia Missouri. It is two hours outside of St. Louis.

This has been something I have needed for a long time. A time to get away from the rat race of the city. Where you can look up into the night sky and see the stars and constellations. Besides, having wild life right outside the door.

Selah, is primarily a Christian women’s camp. Small groups work so much better. In our group, we had six women. For us, that was a good size. We got alone with God and really communed. Then, Sunday we had a church service. The service hit me pretty hard. With Warren being underemployed I had to release things to God and let go and to trust. Totally Relying Under Stressful Times. Came back renewed and refreshed. It was, for me, a refreshing time.

And lastly, you are probably wondering about the food. Oh my word, we ate like queens while there. Usually a snack does well for me. Did not need snacks at all.

Will share the link at the bottom of this blog post with a song. If interested in a small group or just a couple of people like we had, go and get refreshed. It will do you a world of good