My Letter to Michael Damian


Dear Michael,

Thank you so much for the follow on Face Book, Twitter, and Instagram. I have enjoyed reconnecting with you after all these years and seeing you are still the sweetest, kindest, and most genuine person in Hollywood. Plus, you are a great singer, actor and director.

The joy for me, is seeing you go far in your directing of family based movies. You have been an inspiration to me. Believe me, the support will always be there for this type of film. We need positive movies and not the negative movies. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing this type of film. Please keep up the awesome sauce job on the directing.

Michael, this is coming from my heart, you have brought a smile to my face that will never go away. Even when the world is falling down around me I sense you praying for me and encouraging me. Thank you for the prayer and the encouragement. You Rock.

Again, Michael, thanks for being the handsome singer, actor and director you are.

Love Always,

A blast from the past for you and your lovely wife Janeen. Blessings and Keep Smiling.

Thankful Thursday

Today has become Thankful Thursday and was wanting to share what I am thankful for. So many things can come up, but have five things that are truly up there for me. At the end, please share what you are thankful for.

1. On the top of my list has to be reconnecting after no many years with Michael Damian. It has been a pure joy to reconnect with him and get to know him as a person, singer, actor and talented director plus a good friend. Michael is an encourager and a prayer warrior, but also genuine. A down to earth kind of guy.


2. Friends that have come into my life on Facebook and Twitter. This, in my book, includes past, present and future friends.

3. Family, for me, has been a vital part of my life. We laugh, cry and have issues, but we are connected. To me, family also will consist of friends that are now family.

4. Jesus Christ for giving me salvation and eternal life. Giving God all the glory for what what he has done in our lives. Plus helping us with this rough patch. Jesus gives me strength to carry on and to not worry about things. He will be here always for me.

5. To Teal’c and Lupus and all the animals all over the world. I know that there is a God in Heaven for creating all these precious animals.

This is such a short list, but so vital for me today. What are you thankful for?

Congratulations on this Honor Michael Damian

We have a lot to celebrate with Michael Damian. He exemplifies what it means to put family friendly entertainment on the movie screen that people will want to come and see. I appreciate him as a director, singer, actor and an all around great guy. Plus a great friend. Have had people ask me why Michael? It is because of his genuineness and his love for his fans. He is so down to earth and comfortable with anyone around him. So to honor him, will show some of his photos from the newest movie he has done, High Strung, and the honors of this nomination.




Michael Damian 44

Michael, so proud of you and all the hard work you have done. Will be praying you get this award for best director. You so deserve it.

Blessings and Keep Smiling.

10 Things I Love About Michael Damian

10. Michael is genuine and so down to earth.

9. Michael is a talented, versatile actor and singer.

8. A creative, artistic genius.

7. Michael knows how to bring out and inspire the best in everyone he encounters.

6. Incredible devotion to his family.

5. His sense of humor.

4. His commitment to family-friendly entertainment.

3. His regular and sincere interaction with his fans.

2. His encouraging-down to earth and humble demeanor.

1. When you ask Michael to pray for you, he will. A great friend is Michael Damian.

0511-damian_billboard_photo_01 (2)

Thank you Michael for your sincere heart and your down to earth demeanor. You are awesome.

Blessings and Keep on Keeping on.

Pet Appreciation Week: Animals We Love


We all love our pets don’t we? Whether dog, cat, hamster or a bird. These animals have become family to us. We treat them just like one of the family. They are our personal comfort pals. They know when we are happy, sad, or not feeling well. We get more response from our pets than the humans we live with.

God gave us these priceless companions to show us the compassion of an animal. We are grateful they are in our lives for sure. Animals spend their time making us happy. And we make them happy with petting them and welcoming them into our home. Always a good idea to to adopt from a shelter rather than from a pet shop.

June 8,2016 is Pet Appreciation Week. Let’s all “Raise a Paw” and share how animals have made a difference in the lives of those coping with illness.

How about you? Please share a photo of your pet.

Blessings and Keep Smiling.